Fledgling Tour Operation Evolves Into Segment Leader
Rezometry Reservations Technology Platform helps start-up grow into one of the leading tour operators in the United States.
author Frances Wilhelm, October 10, 2014

The Challenge: As a start up many years ago, one of today’s leading, US-based tour operators needed a reservations system to help cost-efficiently streamline front- and back-end operations, grow sales, and manage inventory.  The company’s challenge was finding the right one—one that could grow with it and address all its needs, then as a start up and now as a leader in the industry. The company’s leadership wanted a system that was scalable, flexible and robust.

The start-up’s owner was aware that not all travel technology platforms were created equal. Some had more bells and whistles than others. Few addressed the unique needs of a wide variety of tour operators. And just a handful could truly be flexible and scalable. Considering that the company needed a way to book complex tour packages and quote them either on the phone, online or in an email with a proposal, it needed a robust system. However, the limitations of so many systems fueled concern, until the cost-conscious owner stumbled upon Rezometry, known then as REX.

In order to survive the start-up phase, the savvy tour operator knew without doubt that the reservation system had to address all critical needs. Selecting the system was so important that the right one could make the business and the wrong one could break it. The right system could enable efficiency and smooth operations. It could also help grow sales. However, the opposite is true for the wrong system. It could consume precious revenue-generating attention and cause more headache than it’s worth. After having evaluated countless systems, the start-up chose the Rezometry platform.

The Solution: According to the owner, “Rezometry gave us more ‘bank for our buck.’ Of all the systems we reviewed, REX offered the most of what we needed at the greatest value.” The Rezometry platform is the most intelligent and easy-to-use reservation technology system available today. It’s designed to drive sales, provide excellent service to customers, and operate more smoothly and profitably. Designed specifically for tour operators, the platform bridges supply and demand with a stable and effective infrastructure. Plus, Rezometry is inherently adaptable to grow with any company, so as business needs change, Rezometry is ready and versatile. It’s travel technology done right.

The Results: The start-up chose Rezometry for its reservations, operations, inventory and accounting functions. Today, as one of the leading tour operator companies in the U.S., the company finds that the platform’s most important functions are reservations and sales. The flexibility of the system allowed the start-up to scale their business and provide what was needed then and what’s most important today to operate a complex tour operation. As a result of choosing the best system for them, the company is now a leader in the industry and grows over 100% per year.